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I have been training for barrels and i had been running 18s but after one lesson with jordan i ran a 17 and after two lessons i ran a 16.177 and getting faster and i highly recomend jordan for barrel lessons  -Hailey


Jordan Hope your nose is doing better.. can't wait to see you ride.... You are going to be my daughters new role model.... That is a good thing... Happy riding:)

Im glad your doing better. I cant wait to see you on Jade. Mauricio fixed your reins. we hope you like them. Love ya,  Joy


Jordan helped my 8 yr old mare that I had started on the pattern. She was trotting the pattern nicely but when I started loping her she had issues. Couldn't follow through on the turns, wanted to buck a little leaving the barrel etc... Anyway Jordan had her for 2 months and did a wonderful job. I got her back and immediately took her to Starkville to a Super show. She clocked in the 3rd D for her first race and had 3 pretty runs that weekend, and no barrels down. I was one horse out of the money for average and needless to say I was very pleased with how she performed. Jordan rides them everyday except maybe Sunday so that I think made all the difference. I would certainly recommend her services.  Vonda


Happy Note's & Questions