Jordans Goals and Biography

Jordans Story:

When I was 8 years old I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Dealing with this condition made my schoolwork difficult and that caused me to lose confidence in myself. I often felt like the kid that was left out and that I did not fit in the other kids. At the age of 10, this all changed when i was introduced to horses and the great sport of rodeo. Horses and rodeo did not cure my dyslexia. I am still and always will be.  But what it did over time, was to create in me, a self confidence and a great satisfaction in knowing I could learn to ride and compete with the best of them.  It has helped me become the person I am today. My great desire is to be an example to others, that regardless of any limitations, they too, can pursue their dreams and achieve great results that only comes with hard work and dedication!



First, my rodeo goal is to compete at the very highest level of this great sport of rodeo.  I want to some day qualify for the National Finals Rodeo.  Secondly, I want to promote the “Original American Sport”, Rodeo, and all that it means to our rich heritage.  I love the cowboy culture that is so unique to our sport.  In my opinion, no other sport, better teaches the life lessons of rodeo.  The spirit of hard work, fairness, competition, patience, team work with your animal, are just some of the things you learn in rodeo that are so needed in life, as well.

Finally, more than winning championship buckles, my real goal is to go as far as I can in this sport in order to be an inspiration and an example to young girls who want to purse their dreams just like me.  As I continue to achieve more success in the arena, I hope this will lead to more opportunities to work with more and more riders and horses, as I enjoy taking them to the next level.  Whether they are a beginner and barely know how to mount their horse or if they are seasoned riders who just need some tuning, I get great satisfaction in being a part of their success.

Some accomplishments  

2004 MSLBRA Reserve Champion,

2007 CALBRA Reserve Champion,           

2008 CALBRA Reserve Champion,

2009 CALBRA Reserve Champion

I am proud to say I have buckles in five different events in rodeo.  I competed with National Little Britches Rodeo Association for nine years and I did Tennessee High School Rodeo Association.  I qualified in every event I did form 2001-2009 to compete at the NLBRA Finals.