Jordan's Horses


March 20, 1989 - September 10, 2011

Taylor Bar Win "DALLAS"

Dallas was a great horse who had a great life and was a very big part of were I am today. I got Dallas in 2002 He showed me how to do poles and barrels! Dallas took me to my first NLBRA Finals in Colorado Springs, CO Dallas was my best friend for a long time!!! I love to dress Dallas in Lime Green, run poles to " I'm in a hurry and don't know why" by - Alabama!!! I see Dallas on the back porch looking in for some cookies!! I love my friend Dallas and he will be missed. If horses could talk Dallas would have some great story's!!! This is what I know...

Dallas was born in KY moved to AR then to TX to Martha Joeys ranch then to MS to Double D farms were I got him and he came to TN!!! I sold him and he went to MA then got him back a month later the next year we sold him and he moved back to MS. I brought him back home in 2010 Dallas had been there done that and I Loved him!!! Only sold him to move higher up in rodeo however somehow Dallas had 7 owners in 22 years I payed for Dallas 3 times (: worth every dollar all 3 times!!!! He is resting in peace in Oakland TN. So blessed to have had Dallas in my life (: RIP Dally Man!!!

 February 24, 2002 - December 6, 2012



Keegan was a great horse who I will miss and always have a place in my heart for him. Keegan was a horse with a big heart that was born to fly. Keegan was on of the best barrel horses I have ever been on. I truley belived in him. Mississippi State tried their best to save him, it was just his time to go to horse heaven. Rest in peace Keegan you will always be missed and loved!!

1980- February 1, 2014


Captain will be missed always. I wish I knew his whole story... I know Captain was one of the best rodeo horses anyone could ask for. I was told he went to the NFR in the 1990s I am not sure who he went with. He was in a roll over trailer wreck and he was the only survivor. This did not slow him down. Then he was an all around horse at THSRA where he won buckles and saddles with a friend of mine. I meet Captain in 2004 and together we won 5 roping & Goat tying buckles. We went to the NFLBRA Finals many times. In 2009 we made our last trip to LBR finals and he lived out his well earned days in my pasture :) If a horse could talk I would love to have heard his full story. Captain has been lad to rest in peace in Oakland, TN.

I miss you Capytan  

1989 - May 23, 2016


Chico came to live with us in 2000, Chico and I did out first Rodeo together in 2001 & in 2002 we won our first Buckle together. Chico went blind in November of 2002 and never got to see the Buckle we won. Chico and I learned to trust each other and I took him back to the Rodeo, However we could no longer barrel race we did one last year of Trail Corse our first Rodeo back we Won our event I could not have been more proud of him! Chico retired in 2003 to Oakland TN where he has had the best life a horse could have. He has had his own pasture where he always welcomes all the new comers and anyone who drives down the drive way! This will always be Chico's Field! I will miss my horse as he has been family for 16 years. This is the horse who made my dreams come true!! A sad day for me but I have to smile because I know my Chico can see and run free!!! I will always love you CHICO

                                                                                        ~My Kids~



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My Friends that have left footprints in my Heart!!