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Barrel horse training with Jordan... Is  your horse broke & you want to do barrels? Is your horse started on barrels and you don't know how to get them going to the next level? Call me I will can start your horse on the barrels.  If you need your horse to move to the next level call me I can get them where they need to be for you!!!  Call today to see when you can get your horse where they need to be!!! Horse must be Broke to ride and NO STUDS please!!

While your horse is here we will work on:
*Patterning the right way
*Increasing speed and learning to handle ground
*Alley issues and prevention
*Exercise & Tuning Plan customized
*Getting ready for Rodeo Competition
*Lesson on day of pick up to empower you to continue your horses progress on your own
*Gaining confidence through the pattern


Barrel Lessons with Jordan... Do you want to start running barrels? or Do you do barrles and want to go to the next Rodoe level? Come see me!!! I can get you where you need to be!!!

Or maybe you just need help getting with your horse come see me!!  Come get some rinding tips!!!! Your never to good to get better. (: Everyone needs someone to help them!!! Your never to old to learn something new!!

Something that will be worked on during Lessons:
*Patterning the right way
*Increasing speed and learning to handle the Horse
*Alley issues and prevention
*Exercise & Tuning Plan customized to the horse
*Getting ready for Rodeo Competition
*Gaining confidence through the pattern                              

*Getting you ready to be the best you & your horse can be!!

Private barrel racing lessons are given to students who have their own barrel horse & Students who don't have there own may take lessons on Jordan's Horses.    

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 Horses that have been trained by Jordan